Dawn of Decentralization — The Erasure Protocol Awakens on Ethereum Mainnet

Products powered by Erasure

The Philosophy of the Erasure Protocol

If you risk money on some information then it’s probably good information so people will want to buy it from you. Skin in the game leads to better data.

Track-Record through Posts and Feeds

proofHash = multihash(userAddress + salt + data)

Payments through any cryptocurrency

Recourse through Griefing

Alice = { stake = 500, ratio = 0.5}
Bob = { stake = 100, ratio = 1}Bob punishes Alice for 10 NMR => Cost is 5 NMR (10 * 0.5)
Alice punishes Bob for 10 NMR => Cost is 10 NMR (10 * 1)new_Alice = { stake = 490, ratio = 0.5}
new_Bob = { stake = 90, ratio = 1}

The extensible architecture of the Erasure Protocol

Must be decentralized (to ensure persistence)

Must have a single source of truth (to build a track-record)

Must be future-proof (to integrate new use cases)

Must be modular (to isolate security risks)

The Price of Progress

Decentralization Taken Into Account

The Pearl of Great Price

Enter Erasure Clone Factories



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