Trillion Dollar Coach

What comes to mind when you think of Silicon Valley? Chances are that financial jargon, vast fortunes and Facebook rank high on your list of associations. But what about a working-class Pennsylvanian football coach who cursed like a sailor and blew kisses to his colleagues across the boardroom?

Meet Bill Campbell, a business guru who was surprisingly instrumental in helping start-ups like Apple and Google become the household names and multi-billion dollar ventures they are today. …

At NVISION Capital we are aimed at investing in the most innovative, disruptive technology companies that are fundamentally changing the way the world works, with the goal of achieving 2X, 5X, even 10X returns. We think it’s time now to go all-in on CCIV stock and Lucid Motors.


Be yourself and develop your creative signature. Your signature should be recognizable, different from your colleagues’, and should reveal something about you. Your signature is “a prime example of the visual impact of your own persona.”

At the end of the first semester of his second year of college, Frank’s professor told him design was not the profession for him and suggested that he find another field of study. Frank ignored the advice. Many years later, Frank ran into the professor, who admitted his mistake. When someone says you’re not cut out for something, assess your critic and what he…

Zayd Muhamed

“You should enjoy finding yourself, and you should enjoy expressing yourself. And they can reject you. Believe me, they will. But you just gotta keep doing it.”

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